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Firm Profile

Elements is a young professional, innovative landscape architecture firm that advocates design and construction excellence. Our team has been designing and building unique, award winning and innovative spaces for over twenty-one years. Each project is handled with a unique perspective and integrity.  We draw on a broad palette of ideas and concepts, and presenting entirely new ways of seeing, interpreting and designing a "landscape".  As landscape architects and arbiters of cultural expression, we have the capacity to translate. Maintaining consistent and timely performance throughout the planning, design and construction phases is a priority in our work. Listening to the client, building relationships and understanding the dynamics of a project are of ultimate importance to us. Our primary objective is to ensure environmental, cultural and aesthetic value to each project we undertake.

Our Process

Landscape Architecture is our passion period. If you can dream it, we will design it. We believe in connecting humanity with the built environment, and taking every detail into consideration. Many of our projects have received local and national recognition. We maintain control throughout the design and construction process to ensure that your project is built to the highest quality standards. Our design process begins by looking at your whole site as a concept and creating a master plan that accommodates the work you'll do both now and in the future. We manage all stages of each project. Our goal is to exceed our clients' expectations.

Why Sustainable Design?

Sustainability can be broadly defined as the capability of natural and cultural systems to maintain themselves over time. Sustainability is supported by an individual and collective motivation to use a low impact and less consumptive approach to interaction with other people and the environment. Here at Elements we have been implementing smart design with sustainability. We look at ways to reuse materials, low impact design and the use of native materials. With our project methods, you'll be able to use words like "sustainable" and "contemporary".


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